What is Sharetrans?

Sharetrans is a service that helps clients locate the nearest vehicles for hire, and other emergency vehicle providers, Sharetrans makes it fast, simple, and convenient for you to get the great service you deserve, and it’s absolutely free for users.

Is Sharetrans a transport provider?

No. Sharetrans does not offer any vehicle services. We connect you to those that do.

How do I contact with Sharetrans?

You can email us at or contact us on +27 10 286 0005 every weekday from 09:00 to 17:00.

How do i Join Sharetrans?

Its very simple just fill out a registration form and we will get back to you.

Can i trust Sharetrans?

Absolutely. Your privacy is incredibly important to us. Want more info? Check out our privacy policy.

Is Sharetrans available in my area?

Sharetrans makes it easy to find vehicles for hire in all the major cities in South Africa and we’re expanding every day. If we have no profiles representing your town or city already, rest assured that we’re working on getting some as soon as possible!